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Our services include earthwork, material, and utility takeoffs as well as topo verifications.




We use Agtek 4D software to interpret cut/fill quantities from subgrade to existing stripped elevations. We also calculate the final site design with any erosion & sediment control grading converted into existing to give you a true representation of the actual cuts and fills as would be constructed on site. These quantities are then categorized in our final earthwork report so you can segregate your different types of materials and haul lengths to properly price your job. If available, soil borings entered as strata layers, can be used to interpolate different soil types and/or rock to determine suitable and unsuitable material quantities. 

Topsoil Stripping
Cut/Fill Quantities to Subgrade
Any Requested Strata Volumes
Topsoil Respread


Site Materials

Using Agtek 4D Material software we calculate almost any site materials needed for your site. The spreadsheet that you will receive can include:

Erosion & Sediment Control Measures
Site Demolition
Site Clearing & Grubbing
Asphalt Paving Areas with Subbase
Concrete Paving and Sidewalk with Reinforcement
Curb & Medians
Bio-Filter Materials
Seeding & Sodding
Addition Misc. Materials that are Required for Each Specific Project


Site Utilities

Utilities are calculated using Agtek Materials software in conjunction with hand-detailed spreadsheets to give you the most accurate quantities. The spreadsheet report will include pipe and any fittings required for the following:

Storm Sewer
Roof Drain Systems
Sanitary Sewer
Sanitary Force Main

In addition we can also calculate, upon request, any bedding material, outlet riprap, additional excavation and any demolition and replacement needed to install the new utilities.
Final Customer Package

The final package you will receive will include:

An Excel Spreadsheet of all Quantities
A Color Coded Cut/Fill Sheet for Any Earthwork
Color Coded 3-D Views of the Site from Multiple Perspectives
Color Coded Planviews For any Site Materials

*All sheets included in the final package can be sent as hard copies or as pdf's as specified by the client.


Our services are based on an hourly rate of $95
Quotes on jobs are available based upon scope of work and receipt of plans and/or cad files.

In order to complete your takeoff we require a plan sent by pdf. If CAD files are available it will increase the speed and accuracy of the takeoff.  We will contact the engineer of record for availability of CAD files if needed.

We pride ourselves on complete and accurate takeoffs. Our turn around time on projects is usually within 48 hrs. This time is dependent upon quality of plans, availability of CAD files and extent of services requested. 


We also provided consulting services for ponds and lakes for structural analysis of existing earthen structures as well as drainage components.

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