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The following is a list of a few companies who have used our services and expressed satisfaction with the results:

Contour Construction
DIGS, Inc.
Partners Excavating Company
Curtis Contracting, Inc.
Robert Hauser Homes
County of Albemarle
Chemung Contracting Corporation
Blair Construction
Quality Excavating, Inc.
Ian Robertson, LTD
Saunders Construction Co., Inc.
J. W. Townsend, Inc.
Jake A. Moore & sons Excavating, Inc.
Ric-Man Construction, Inc.
Blackwell Engineering, PLC
Eddie's Excavating
Wintergreen Resort
F. Clayton Plecker & Sons, Inc.
Guy c. Eavers Excavating Corp.
Shirley Contracting Corporation
Faulconer Construction Company, Inc.
R. E. Lee & Son, Inc.
Management Services Corp.
S. L. Williamson Company, Inc.
Shelbeck Excavating
Back Hoe Bob's, Inc.
KC Construction Consultants, Inc.
Rock & Raines Construction, Inc.
Plecker Construction Co., Inc.
Skyline Excavating Co., Inc.
Fairfield Echols Corp.
Vess Excavating, LTD
Earthwork Excavating, Inc.
Branch Highways
Terra Partners, LLC
Lum's Survey
Handley Excavating & Development, LLC
Commonwealth Excavating, Inc.
Brad Booker Excavating
Southern Development
EC Pace, Inc.
General Excavating, Inc.

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